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The Dinosaur Depot features exhibits that explore the very rich fossil heritage of the Caņon City area.  Initially the focus was on the Garden Park Fossil Area, 12 miles north of Caņon City on the historic Shelf Road to Cripple Creek, Colorado.  The Garden Park Fossil Area has produced world-class, late Jurassic dinosaur fossils for over 125 years.  While the area is known worldwide for its dinosaur fossils, other types of fossils have been located that help our understanding of the Jurassic environment.  More recently, dinosaur fossils have been found in other areas around Caņon City. 



The Garden Park Fossil Area has produced some of best dinosaur fossils found anywhere.  Among these are  three articulated skeletons of Stegosaurus stenops.  The first was found in 1886 and is in the National Museum of Natural History in Washington, DC.  The second was found in 1937 and is in the Denver Museum of Nature and Science.  The third, the world's most complete, was removed from Garden Park in 1992 and the largest jacket weighing over 13,000 pounds was brought to the Dinosaur Depot Laboratory for preparation.  A full-size replica of this stegosaurus is on display in the Museum.

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The Garden Park Paleontology Society was very lucky to be a part of a very significant discovery in 1998.   Tony Moreno, participating in one of the many student tours of the Museum and Fossil Area found what he thought to be a dinosaur fossil.  Rather it turned out to be a fossil tree, the first found in Jurassic rocks east of the Continental Divide.  All twenty feet of the tree are on display in the Museum.

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In December 1999 a Caņon City resident studying paleontology at the University of Denver brought to our attention the presence of dinosaur tracks on Skyline Drive.  Skyline Drive travels along the top of the Dakota Formation hogback just to the west of Caņon City.  Volunteers from the Dinosaur Depot developed the site during 2000 and 2001.  One of the tracks can be seen on exhibit in the Dinosaur Depot.  A guide brochure for the Skyline Drive Trackway Site is available in the Dinosaur Gift Shop.

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Fossils from the Garden Park Fossil Area are among the finest late Jurassic dinosaur specimens known.  Five of the species first defined from Garden Park fossils are featured in our "Skulls" exhibit.  Our "Skulls" welcome you to the Museum!

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For over 125 years, the Garden Park Fossil Area has helped us understand late Jurassic dinosaurs and how they lived.  Individuals from the Caņon City area, as well as from all over the country have conducted research in the area.  Fossil bones, skeletons, eggs, and nests are in museums throughout the world including the Dinosaur Depot.

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